Welcome to Irish Budgeting!


After following the Irish and indeed worldwide debt free community for many years, since about 2017, I decided December 2021 it was time for me to set up my own page. 

I wanted to publicly share our own journey towards freedom from debt, and also share all the money saving tips, side hustle ideas and budgeting know how that i had picked up along our own journey!

I have seen some amazing things come from taking control of my money. Some of our wins include our wedding only costing €7,000, reducing our food budget down to just €100 a week for our family of 5, buying our family car with cash, cash flowing holidays and even saving €15,000 in one year which helped us buy or own house!

I’m on a mission to simplify budgeting, help people to take control themselves and change the Irish financial scene. A few small changes could change things for you and your family’s future. Once you get started it only takes 10-15 minutes a week! 

I Post daily on Instagram, and at least twice a week on YouTube and now I am going to post here hopefully at least twice weekly.

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