Savings Challenge

Save €2,700 in a year!!

Hey guys, I thought I would post a savings challenge for you to try! Save €2,700 in a year. Simply click on the below link for a FREE PRINTABLE.

Savings challenges can be a great way of motivating you to save! There is nothing like completing a savings challenge, such a great feeling!

So the recommended time frame to complete this challenge is a year, but honestly nobody is going to be mad if it takes you a little longer. Life sometimes gets in the way, and that is OK. If you do have to miss a week, do not feel defeated, get back to the challenge the next week.

I suggest leaving the challenge in a spot, where you will see it, and not forget about it…

You will see that there are figures on each star, and you save that amount. You can save in any order, that depends on you and your budget. This savings challenge could help you save an emergency fund, for Christmas next year, or even a family holiday!

Choose the figure you would like to save, and then colour that amount in. Once you have all the stars coloured in, you will have a total of €2700 saved!

Please keep me posted on your progress, and let me know if you would like more savings challenges in the future. I know savings challenges are not for everyone, but if you are visually motivated like I am, I’m sure you will find this challenge so helpful!

Link to the savings challenge below!